At MAJIKKU IP, we are passionate about the magic of intellectual property (I.P.) and its potential to transform businesses and captivate audiences. As a leading company specializing in I.P. licensing management, we are committed to assisting I.P. owners in harnessing the full commercial value of their creations.

MAJIKKU IP is dedicated to facilitating seamless I.P. licensing processes, enabling companies to produce merchandise products inspired by our portfolio of captivating I.P.s. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of the intricate world of licensing, offering expert guidance to both I.P. owners and licensees alike.

Extensive Regional Reach:
With exclusive rights in ten key countries, including China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Turkey, we provide a gateway to diverse markets and vast consumer bases. Our expertise in these regions allows us to navigate the unique nuances of each market, unlocking unparalleled opportunities for I.P. owners.